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ETI Services

ETI was founded on the principle of providing quality innovative, on time service, and as we have grown that tradition continues. Our experienced professionals, Civil Engineers, Planners, Surveyors and Landscape Architects have collaborated on numerous design projects, ranging from simple one acre sites to large scale multi-use developments, producing studies, developing design strategies, and preparing construction plans; specifications, and cost estimates for numerous projects throughout the Mid-South. We strive to remain current on new development trends and methods of construction allowing ETI to provide our clients with solid innovative solutions for their design projects.

Civil Engineering Services

· Site Development

· Storm Drainage Design

· Sanitary Sewer Design

· Erosion Control

· Utility Routing

· Roadway and Parking Design


Surface Transportation

· Roadway Alignment Studies and Assessments

· Design of Rural and Urban Limited and

  Controlled Access Highway Facilities

· Bridge Design and Plans, including Seismic

  Provisions and Retrofitting

· Urban Street and Intersection Design

· Design of Parking Lots and Internal

  Circulation Roadways


Utility Systems

· Water Supply and Distribution Systems

· Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems


Stormwater Management

· Floodway and Floodplain Studies

· Retention/Detention Facilities

· Watershed Management

· Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

· Channelization Studies


Surveying and Mapping

· Boundary Surveys

· Topographic Surveys & Mapping

· Control Surveys

· GIS MappingLand Planning Services

· Site Feasibility Studies

· National – Business Analysis Mapping

· Market Assessments

· Site Master Plans

· Subdivision Applications

· Zoning and Rezoning Applications

· Planned Development Applications

· Zoning Ordinances

· Subdivision Regulations

· Grant Applications

· Comprehensive Master Plans

· Land Use Studies

· Transportation Planning

· Economic Development Analysis


Landscape Architecture Services

· Site Analysis

· Planting Design

· Streetscaping

· Urban Improvements

· Commercial and Office Master Planning

· Residential Master Planning

· Recreational Master Planning

· Educational Facilities

· Institutional Master Planning

· Sports and Ball Field Facilities

· Trails and Greenway Improvements

· Public Open Space and Plazas

· Trails and Greenway Improvements

· Public Open Space and Plazas


Airport Engineering Services

· Government Grant Assistance

· Property Acquisition


· Runway Overlay

· Airport Layout Plan Updates

· Apron Expansions

· Air Traffic Projections

· Photogrammetric Mapping

· Fire Protection and Fire

  Department Coordination

· Sanitary Sewer and Other Utilities Extensions

· Code Enforcement

· Construction Monitoring

· Construction Administration

· T Hanger and Other Hangar Expansions

· Environmental Permits

· Project Design

· Construction Documents

· Construction Observation

· Drainage Design· Visitor Parking

· Taxiways Improvements

· On-Call Engineering Services

· Marking and Signing Design

· Back-Up Generators

· Security Fencing

· Obstruction Evaluation

· Pavement Design and Overlay



• Tennessee Department of Transportation

• Memphis Airport Authority

• Arkansas State Department of Parks

  and Tourism

• City of Hernando, Mississippi

• City of Germantown, Tennessee

• Fleming Architects

• Baptist Memorial Health Care

• Clark & Clark

• City of Memphis, Tennessee

• Evangelical Christian School

• University of Memphis

• Rhodes College

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